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Throughout our journey that we started as Moots baby moccasins in 2014, we have presented and continue to offer our babies, the most precious ones of our valued customers, our high quality leather moccasins.

Throughout our journey, we have become the leading brand in the sector with your valuable support. We woke up every day for your satisfaction and to carry the foot health and comfort of our babies to an advanced level. We have specialized in supply and direct sales to our dealers in order to be accessible to you, our valuable mothers, in every continent of the world. Most of all, we enjoyed brainstorming on the opinions and feedback of our valuable mothers on this journey.
At the point we have reached, in order to expand the product range we offer to our customers and to offer you new products without compromising quality, we started a new initiative under the roof of Moots and prepared the Moot Shop platform.
As Moots Shop , we are proud to offer products to our valued customers for masks, mask hangers and children's clothes and much more.

Moots Shop is a Moots organization.
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